Services: Our services are broadly in three areas : Research, Learning and Advisory Services. We have already helped a few clients achieve their goals. Let us help you with yours! 

1. Research :  Whether it is helping you understand the market or your own organization,   we have the skills and experience to help you carry out research, that is not only precise  and focused; but also in-depth and substantive.

We bring expertise in designing research that is apposite to your specific needs. Feasibility studies, Evaluation studies,  Report writing, focus groups and facilitation – we can do it all.

  2. Learning solutions for Nonprofit organizations :

Given our focus on the nonprofit sector, we can help you with strategic planning,      stakeholder engagement planning, market analysis, M&E training and much more; all with an eye to help you learn more about the forces shaping your environment and your employees.

We can also conduct workshops/ trainings for your employees on various skills such as strategic communications, crisis planning.

 Process improvement for nonprofits : While recognizing that output and outcome measurement is best done in a ‘contingency framework,’ meaning that the context and mission of the organization should determine which outputs are more important, we suggest that the ‘process’ of conducting business can itself have a significant impact on the output/outcomes. We offer consultancy in process improvement for nonprofits, using expertise from our Six-Sigma certified consultants, who bring several years of experience; having worked in several industries.

3. Advisory Services : Our advisory services span communications, CSR consulting and leadership development. 

Communications counsel and global outreach – Media strategy, media buying and media relations are what we do really well. Whether it is planning a press conference in Bangalore, India or a hi-impact event in Dubai, we have the reach and proven expertise to help you reach your target audience.

 CSR Consulting – Whether it is research on issues of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) or helping you design your own CSR initiative, we bring the depth and range of experience needed to help you succeed.


Case studies of successful campaigns/ projects: 

Nonprofit HR: In 2016, we helped this Washington D.C. based firm with research and evaluation of their annual survey of employment best practices – a one of its kind survey – that has become the standard-bearer in the industry.

MAP International: MAP International, an international healthcare NGO needed assistance with a feasibility study in North West Georgia. Based on intense research, fieldwork and interviews; this report will be used to apply for a large grant, that will help set up a new mobile healthcare unit, to reach indigent people in the region. 

American Voices: We helped American Voices, an NGO that has trained youth in over 110 countries in performing arts – Jazz, Hiphop. We were instrumental in helping AV craft a fundraising plan. We also set up meetings for AV senior management with hi-networth donors in Washington D.C. and New York.